July 21, 2024

Where to buy organic cannabis nutrients?

Many growers will visit their local grow shop/hydroponics shop for their nutrients. But you can also get them online. The advantage of a good local grow shop with a genuinely knowledgeable owner is that you can get good advice which may help you cut through the often-bewildering array of choices.

For less experienced growers it is highly recommended to start with the simplest and smallest range of nutrients – with less to go wrong your chances of success are maximised.

Cannabis nutrients, plant health and THC rich buds

Optimising your grow room (and perhaps simplifying your grow method) so that issues are avoided is far easier than trying to solve established nutrient issues. Once you get into a routine and gain more experience you may find that nutrient issues become a thing of the past. Enjoy your grow and remember that many growers find that simplification of the grow/nutrients can be a big help.

We have good results with the organic nutrients from Biotabs, you can get them It all depends on your plants and growing conditions for the best cannabis nutrients and how often you should give it to your plants. You need to pay attention to how your plants look and act accordingly. We have a nice guide which can show you what might be wrong with our plants.


  • Nutrient lockout is caused by nutrient buildup around a plant’s roots, or by pH imbalances, and prevents them from absorbing available nutrients.
  • Nutrient lockout leads to nutrient deficiencies, which can cause yellowing foliage, burnt leaf tips, irregular leaf shape and size, and brown spots. Symptoms vary depending on which nutrients your plant is missing.
  • Typically treated with a flush, pH checks, and nutrient adjustments.


  • Overfeeding with chemical fertilisers and boosters can burn your plants.
  • The highly concentrated nature of chemical fertilisers means novice growers can easily end up overfeeding their plants.
  • Telltale signs of overfeeding include dry, burnt-looking leaves with yellow or brown discolouration, burnt edges, and upward bent tips.
  • Rookie growers often end up buying more supplements in an effort to remedy existing nutrient problems, which only makes matters worse.
  • Overfeeding needs to be treated quickly with a root flush, pH stabilisation, and a new feeding schedule.

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