June 18, 2024

An Ultimate Guide To Grinders

An exhaustive guide on grinders. You will find out how to best choose a grinder so it suits your needs; also, you will find information on what to look for and what to avoid.

The main purpose of a grinder is to grind down weed; the same can also be effectively accomplished using your hands. There is no actual need to use a Metal weed grinder but once you try it there is a good chance you will continue to use it. A grinder makes grinding weed a much faster and cleaner experience than doing it with your hands. Also, it is worthy to note that some grinders can isolate and store kief (fine trichome rich powder) while doing their primary task of grinding weed.

Grinders made from various materials and come in many sizes and shapes, but what separates good grinder from the bad one? The more expensive the better is the rule that often doesn’t apply when shopping for grinders.

The first thing to think about when shopping for grinders is what is it that you are actually looking for, or in other words, what will you be using your grinder for.

The basic difference between grinders is the number of pieces they are made from; the number of pieces ranges from two to four, or more recently five.

Two piece grinders are the simplest of grinders you can get and they perform only one task: grind weed. These grinders are the smallest and easiest to carry; they easily fit any pocket. The simplicity of the design makes for very reliable and consistent grinding. On the other hand, when using two piece grinders getting all of the weed out will usually be a process which will make you get your hands a bit dirty. The cheapest of all types of grinders, two piece grinders are the best choice for casual smokers and those that have to carry their grinder around.

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